Lisa Oliver - Vocals

The music of 'Fleetwood Mac' has been a huge part of my life for several decades.
The first 7" single that I ever purchased with my own pocket money was 'Sara' in 1979 - I wasn't really aware of Fleetwood Mac before this time and it took another few years before I joined the dots and realised that this band were the same people behind 'Albatross', 'Dreams', 'Rhiannon', 'Go Your Own Way' and the countless other wonderful songs that filled the airwaves during the late 70's. I soon became a firm fan. 
I've sung in several bands as well as founding and fronting the Kate Bush tribute, 'Cloudbusting', from 2012 - 2014.  
My favourite songs to perform in 'The Fleetwood Mac Songbook' are 'Rhiannon' (even when it leaves me feeling like I need a defibrilator !) and 'Go Your Own Way', although I love hearing my bandmates playing the 'Peter Green' section of the show and the thunderous applause that always accompanies those songs. 
I'm a huge music lover and bit of a vinyl junkie. I have dozens of other bands that I enjoy listening to but if you twisted my arm I'd name Kate Bush, ABBA, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Blondie, The Clash, Chic, Prince, Japan, Bee Gees, Roxy Music, Steely Dan, Sparks, The Police, Tame Impala, Oasis, Empire Of The Sun, Judie Tzuke, ELO, 10cc, Taylor Swift, Gerry Rafferty ... (shall I stop there ?!)


claire fox - thomas - vocals & keyboard

It all started one rainy night at Pontins in 1976, when Claire Fox-Thomas, at 8 years old, hit a note so high she frightened herself and ran off stage. From the moment her mother berated her quick exit off stage, she vowed to one day prove she was meant to be on it.

During 30 years of semi-professional performing, there have been many career highs, including appearances on The Big Breakfast as a backing singer with Leo Sayer, serenading Roald Dahl on a school visit and captivating audiences packed in to the Royal Albert Hall.

Previous bands include Hot Water, The Business, Sam’s Little Sister and DogHouse covering everything from Country, Pop, Rock and Roll, Blues and Soft Rock; if you’ve heard of it she’s probably sung it!

Her early musical influences are The Carpenters, Barbra Streisand and Mama Cass and The Eagles who were played regularly in the household growing up and it was watching The Sound of Music that cemented the desire to sing and perform.

Claire has finally found her home in Cornwall and her musical home with The Fleetwood Mac Songbook, performing as Christine McVie. She’s now bringing to life those well known Christine classics, such as Songbird, Little Lies and Everywhere, as well as a few that might surprise you. Hold onto your hats!


Percy Giles

Keyboard player and backing vocals

Born in Cheltenham and brought up in Torbay

Playing since the age of 12, just never gave up.

Worked as a solo artist then in duos and bands. Played in Japan, Cyprus, Menorca and Ibiza. A season with Haven Holidays (Weymouth) and other holiday camps.

Wanted to be an astronaut, ended up being a musician.

Favourite Fleetwood Mac songs to play is Seven Wonders and Silver Springs as they have great keyboard parts.

Favourite saying ‘They would be nothing without me’.

alex eliadis - bass

Alex is The Fleetwood Mac Songbook's bass player. 

He has been playing live since the age of 16 with various underground and signed artists in the South West and London, in the genres of alternative and heavy music. 

During his career he has played with numerous internationally known acts and artists acts including Paul Di'anno of 'Iron Maiden', the godfathers of djent 'SikTh', and doom metal legends 'The Wounded Kings', whose 2014 album was received by the heavy metal press as one of the best of the year.  As a constantly active musician and endorsed artist he has undertaken numerous UK and European tours. 

Over the last years he decided to play closer to home in covers acts spanning every genre and every type of venue and festival, including the MTV crashes Plymouth Festival. 

His love of genre leading and classic rock music brought him to the Fleetwood Mac Songbook, where of course he loves the more experimental and darker 'human condition' tracks, including The Green Manalishi and Sisters of the Moon.